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Should I use new tracks and springs while replacing sections?

A definite yes! Our experts insist on fixing new tracks and springs that arrive with the kit when you are replacing the door. Anything apart from this is risky and can cause serious damage. Further, it can also void the warranty.

How can I make my garage draught proof?

While it's not possible to completely prevent draught from entering the garage, you can reduce it to a large extent. Weather-stripping the door is the best way to do it and at times an extra jamb seal can do the trick.

Why is my garage door spring noisy?

The professionals of Garage Door Repair in Sumner point out dryness as the most common cause of this problem. The best way to resolve it is to apply a thin layer of lubricant on all coils of the component and let the opener perform one cycle of opening and closing. If this solution does not help, then the component will have to be fixed or replaced.

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